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Downey Tom pr photo 2018.jpg

The camera in this photo was Tom Downey's Grandpa, Charlie Downey's main field camera. He used this Graflex camera in the 1930's.

Tom Downey began a fascination with photography, nature and the outdoors from an early age.  He spent most of his childhood outdoors exploring, hiking, backpacking, hunting, and fishing.  A camera was a natural companion on these adventures.  Tom explains, “I remember being drawn into the beautiful quality of light at dawn and dusk.  The incredible power and drama of thunderstorms on the high plains of Nebraska and Wyoming.  Pure magic revealed by low amber light. The privilege of experiencing and capturing the beauty of the natural world through photography is a great joy.”


Downey Photography has been a family business for five generations beginning in the 1890s.  Tom’s grandparents, Charles and Dorothy, began Downey’s Studio in the 1930s in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  Then Tom’s parents, Jim and Ramona, took over the business.  When they retired, Tom continued the family tradition of taking photographs.  Tom remembers, “I received lots of great advice and mentoring from my dad and grandfather.  They encouraged me and let me find my own path.”


Tom is married to Cindy Rogers Downey. Their family includes Jeff and Sondra and their daughters, Alta and Willa, and Jason and Lana. Tom states, “I am extremely blessed to have such a wonderful wife and family.”

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